FINALLY made my Orange Is The New Black pin ups! I’ve been meaning to make these for ever! By now, I hope that everyone has finished both seasons of OITNB, but I still tried to not make any spoilers toooo obvious… 
Here are some of my favorite characters! More to come tomorrow! 
Individual prints available here! http://society6.com/emmamunger/prints?show=new

You do this, you do.

You take the things you love and tear them apart
or you pin them down with your body and pretend they’re yours.

- Richard Siken, from A Primer For The Small Weird Loves (via violentwavesofemotion)

(via a-cult)



Rory Culkin

i have always loved u

me wasted on a bus home after leaving a club last night


spend our summers writing songs

of how we never make it on our own, but here we are

and i surrender, i’m running thin

you were right, cause you are everything and i am nothing


At The Bottom of Everything, Bright Eyes


Plank Piece, 1973Charles Ray
“Ray was part of a wave of artists during the 1970s who addressed sculpture as an activity rather than as an object. In the iconic two-part photographic work Plank Piece the artist documents the use of his own body as the sculptural component. The static photograph belies the performative nature of the activity presented. Contrived through a complex balance between weight and gravity the artist suspended his body using only a plank of wood, creating a minimal, graphic image that is at once humorous and unsettling.”


Messages to the PublicSpectacolor electronic sign 20 x 40 ft. Text: Truisms, 1977–79 Times Square, New York © Jenny Holzer, member Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY