pooneilscorner:  You are so pretty, wow! :)

you’re one to talk, QT! thanks so much, lovely :~)

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Anonymous:  what would you say you eat on an average day? xx

hmm. well i will generally eat oatmeal for breakfast or granola with soy milk& fruit. but that varies. like yesterday i ate a bagel.

lunch i will usually bring a salad to school and clementines or an apple or carrots or granola bars.

i literally eat granola all throughout the day. like, i carry bags of granola around at school. that shit is delicious. i am addicted.

i usually eat when i get home and am not hungry the rest of the day, and that is usually some kind of beans or pasta or potatoes :~~) (OR I eat Taco Bell hell yeah i’m addicted to that shit)

It obviously varies a little every day, but i am pretty consistent with what I eat. This was a very random question. May I ask why you asked? :*

Anonymous:  you are super cute!

:~~) that makes me very happy! thanks so much, angel

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